Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting Services

Focus • Solution • Action

Clear Point Group offers Management Consulting Services that span the full spectrum of client needs – from strategy development to operational excellence.

We bring Focus to our clients' business issues, then solve their challenges by developing creative Solutions.  We convert those solutions into Action, bringing a results-based passion and substantial implementation expertise to the issues at hand.


Averaging more than 20 years of operational experience, Clear Point Group’s consultants are able to hone in on your most challenging business issues — quickly uncovering the root causes of growth, cost, and efficiency shortcomings.


Clear Point Group is determined to help you create – and sustain – a competitive advantage.  By applying our deep subject knowledge, we identify innovative solutions and strategies with substantial and lasting impact.


 Clear Point Group recognizes that a solution or strategy is only as valuable as the results it brings. We are dedicated to help you move our recommendations into action — serving as a bridge between strategy and operations. Our success is based on the results you achieve.

From a clear vision and mission comes a clear strategy. Visions and missions rarely change, but strategies must be dynamic — stable enough to set the course for the future but flexible enough to anticipate and adapt to changes along the way.

Clear Point Group can guide you through the process of developing dynamic strategies that deliver measurable results. From global corporate strategies to specific product strategies, our consultants help you develop a clear path forward through a competitive landscape.

We offer a full range of strategy development services. Clear Point Group can help you develop strategies at all levels:

  • Corporate

  • Country

  • Division or business unit

  • Functional area

  • Department

  • Portfolio

  • Product

  • Program or project

Clear Point Group

A successful strategy requires implementation and operational excellence. Clear Point Group can be your bridge from strategy to operational excellence — ensuring long-term success.

Many initiatives fall short, not from a failure of strategy, but from a failure of execution. Clear Point Group can help bring clarity to your operational challenges, develop innovative solutions and aid in implementation – so you fully realize the exceptional results you seek.

Superior execution requires the right operational elements - such as organization design, staffing levels and assignments, process flows, and market positioning.

Clear Point Group

We excel in helping you achieve operational excellence in the following areas:

  • Human Capital Management: Properly acquiring and managing the right individuals for your organization is the key to long-term success. Our services help you with HR issues such as recruitment and staffing systems, employee performance management, and organization design.

  • Technology Management: Science and technology are core competencies of most of our clients. We help companies refine their systems for converting basic science and innovation into exceptional competitive advantages - both in the marketplace and in their internal systems.

  • Security: Our clients recognize the critical importance of security in their operations, as well as the services and products they offer their own customers. Clear Point Group advises companies on security issues (physical, network, etc.) as well as positioning products and services in a security-conscious marketplace. Our capabilities in this area include audits and security certifications (such as FIPS, Common Criteria/ISO 15408, and ICSA).

  • General Management Issues: Internal auditing effectiveness is more important than ever - especially in light of Sarbanes-Oxley and other requirements. Clear Point advises companies on auditing effectiveness and provides external auditing of processes and controls. Ethics and compliance are additional considerations of our clients. Our firm also assists with important management issues such as mergers, joint ventures, and licensing.

  • Marketing: Market research and analysis are important first steps in developing a company's successful positioning. Clear Point has extensive experience in advising on critically important marketing issues, such as successfully selling to the government and preparing a multi-billion dollar product for a blockbuster launch.

  • Quality, Safety, and Facility Performance: Clear Point's staff includes engineers with decades of experience in plant management, product quality, regulatory compliance, and safety management. We put these capabilities to use on engagements dealing with manufacturing efficiency, plant operator training, maintenance procedures, and department organization.

  • Execution Fundamentals:

  • Structural Design: Successful execution starts with the right structure – one that efficiently supports your goals and objectives. Clear Point Group works with you to understand and build the appropriate structure, covering all aspects from reporting relationships to management’s span of control. With the company’s objectives, culture and individual personalities in mind, we help you find the right structure that can serve as the foundation for future success.

  • Staffing Effectiveness: Closely linked with structure, Clear Point Group helps clients determine the right staffing levels, competencies, and the roles and responsibilities of individuals assigned within the structure.

  • Operational Efficiency: In every aspect of the value chain, from personnel and manufacturing to marketing and logistics, Clear Point Group is experienced in extracting efficiencies and demonstrable improvements in an organization’s operations. We help you determine the necessary steps to execute on your goals effectively, efficiently and at consistently high quality.

  • Measurable Results: To stay ahead in the marketplace, industry leaders turn to Clear Point Group for advice on the appropriate performance measures and mechanisms to expand their market position and shareholder value.

Our team has a host of tools at its disposal to help our clients develop the most effective structures, staff, and processes possible. But no tool is a substitute for industry experience and focus applied to your particular situation. Averaging more than 25 years of experience in science and technology-based companies, the principals at Clear Point Group are well positioned to bring focused solutions into action for your company or organization.

While the "greening" of business and government is a hot topic, environmental stewardship is not a fad -- it's an imperative. Clear Point Group has a variety of services to assist clients in toward this end.

Clear Point Group

We excel in helping you achieve operational excellence in the following areas:

  • Product Design: Developing products that optimize energy usage, reduce or eliminate hazardous components and materials, conserve resources, and advance sustainability are vital.

  • Business Operations: Using extensive engineering experience, we can help you evaluate and optimize each aspect of your operations. This includes conservation plans and actions.

  • Compliance and Audit: Having a "green" plan is not enough. It is important to develop systems allowing you to monitor, track, document, and continuously improve upon environmental actions.

  • Environmental Positioning: While pushing "green" initiatives are critical, such efforts are also highly-sought after in the marketplace. Our services can help you differentiate and position your company and its products, further increasing the value delivered to your stakeholders.