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Environmental and "Green" Consulting

While the "greening" of business and government is a hot topic, environmental stewardship is not a fad -- it's an imperative. Clear Point Group has a variety of services to assist clients in toward this end. We excel in helping you achieve operational excellence in the following areas:

Product Design: Developing products that optimize energy usage, reduce or eliminate hazardous components and materials, conserve resources, and advance sustainability are vital.

Business Operations: Using extensive engineering experience, we can help you evaluate and optimize each aspect of your operations. This includes conservation plans and actions.

Compliance and Audit: Having a "green" plan is not enough. It is important to develop systems allowing you to monitor, track, document, and continuously improve upon environmental actions.

Environmental Positioning: While pushing "green" initiatives are critical, such efforts are also highly-sought after in the marketplace. Our services can help you differentiate and position your company and its products, further increasing the value delivered to your stakeholders.


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