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Aerospace & Defense Industry Expertise

At Clear Point Group, we are experienced in helping aerospace and defense companies make the best use of information to improve their operations. Our consultants assist companies in strategy development, forecasting, management, production efficiency and product timing issues.

The consultants of Clear Point Group are experienced at helping science-based companies reduce product time to market, enhance commercialization efforts, effectively manage personnel and improve logistics. Companies that make gains in these areas successfully handle the cyclical nature of government spending and increase profit margins.

Time to market: Clear Point Group knows that moving from concept to product in science-based companies can take decades. Leaders need to effectively use information and adapt their information systems to speed time to market. Clear Point Group can help you reduce time to market through better application of information systems, improved new product planning and overall process improvements.

Commercialization: Clear Point Group understands that companies must deal with cyclical federal spending. Our experienced consultants can help you develop strategies to maintain continuity of work and growth. We also can help you make wise choices about diversifying inventions to ensure both military and commercial value.

Personnel management: Clear Point Group recognizes that security concerns coupled with increasing system complexity has made personnel management a vital concern. We can help you forecast hiring needs, effectively redeploy human capital, quickly recruit highly trained and specialized employees, and retain a talented workforce.

Manufacturing and Logistics: Clear Point Group appreciates the complexities that aerospace and defense contractors face in the manufacturing and logistics arenas. We can help you maximize your procurement processes, capacity utilization and manufacturing practices to increase profit margins and reduce delays. We also can assess your Quality and Health & Safety organizations to ensure proper staffing levels, roles and responsibilities.

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